Description the basic video


Tutorial 1

Enter the parameters in the k-file in relation to the deformation of solid and shell materials



Tutorial 11

Simulation of the soil in LS-DYNA



Tutorial 2     

Simulation crimp in the program ls-dyna



Tutorial 13

Simulation the impact of the water container



Tutorial 3

Finite element modeling in the ls-prepost ls-dyna



Tutorial 15

Simulation the process overflow of the liquid in the container



Tutorial 4

Tutorial cutting in ls-dyna



Tutorial 16

Simulation of falling water in the container



Tutorial 5

DEM simulation in LS-DYNA



Tutorial 19

Simulation the impact of waves on the boat



Tutorial 6

Hot shtamping in LS-DYNA (full tutorial)



Tutorial 20

Simulation the impact on the block with the spring in LS-DYNA (full)



Tutorial 7

Simulation of cutting by the SPH in LS-DYNA (full tutorial)



Tutorial 21

Simulation of cutting using the ALE method in LS-DYNA



Tutorial 8

Simulation of maching process (cutting) by the EFG in LS-DYNA



Tutorial 26

Simulation of the steelwork (full)



 Tutorial 9

Simulation process throwing the ball into the water by using ALE method in LS-DYNA.



Tutorial 27

Identification of material models (elastic-plastic with destruction)



Tutorial 10

Simulation of composites in LS-DYNA



Tutorial 38

Simulation of composites in LS-DYNA. Part 2