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The Basic Video Tutorials (Prepared)

Tutorial 1. Enter the parameters in the k-files

Tutorial 2. Simulation crimp

Tutorial 3. Finite element modeling in the ls-prepost

Tutorial 4. Cutting by the Lagrange's method

Tutorial 5. DEM simulation

Tutorial 7. Cutting by the SPH

Tutorial 8. Cutting by the EFG

Tutorial 9. Simulation process throwing the ball

Tutorial 10. Simulation of composites


The Video Tutorials (Prepared)



Tutorial 11. Simulation of the soil in LS-DYNA

Tutorial 13. Simulation the impact of the water container

Tutorial 15. Simulation the process overflow of the liquid in the container

Tutorial 16. Simulation of falling water in the container

Tutorial 19. Simulation the impact of waves on the boat

Tutorial 21. Cutting by the ALE

Tutorial 27. Identification of material model

Tutorial 38. Simulation of composites, Part 2

Tutorial 39. Simulation the impact of SPH waves on the boat

Tutorial 40. Cutting by the SHG (Galerkin)


The Video Tutorials (Prepared


The Technological Video Tutorials (Prepared)

Tutorial 12. Simulation the process deformation using method ISF

Tutorial 17. Simulation the tube gidroforming

Tutorial 18. Simulation the drilling process

Tutorial 22. Simulation the AWJC

Tutorial 23. Simulation the milling process

Tutorial 24. Simulation the deep drawing


The Tehnological Video Tutorials (Prepares)

The Short Video Tutorials (without creating a FEA model)

Tutorial 28. Simulation of obtaining a ring

Tutorial 29. Simulation of the perforation

Tutorial 30. Simulation of hot rolling

Tutorial 31. Simulation the cutting

Tutorial 32. Simulation of stamping by EFG method

Tutorial 33. Simulation of profile rolling

Tutorial 34. Simulation the rolling process

Tutorial 35. Simulation the motion cart

Tutorial 36. Simulation the rollforming

Tutorial 37. Simulation the destruction the engine


The Short Video Tutorials (Prepared)