Preparation of LS-DYNA video tutorials, including detailed explanations in accordance to customers’ topics.

     Tutorials may cover specific topics (metalworking processes, explosions, flow dynamics and so on), and individual LS-DYNA segments (grid modeling, contact, material models, etc.)

     Tutorials on topics include a task setting, modeling stages, finite element mesh, parameter entry, calculation in LS-DYNA and output analysis. LS-PREPOST software is used as a preprocessor.

     Video tutorials are created both for new LS-DYNA users (students, postgraduates, engineering employees), and for experienced users.

     Tutorial time may vary, depending on complexity of a topic, from 15 to 60 minutes, and they include detailed text explanations or vocal instructions.

     Video tutorials are to be delivered to the customer in AVI format with a k-file (a complete file to run in LS-DYNA).

     The cost of one lesson, depending on its length, is the following:

     15 minutes – 20 €

     30 minutes – 35 €

     Simple tutorial samples (incomplete):

Tutorial 1

Enter the parameters in the k-file in relation to the deformation of solid and shell materials



Tutorial 2     

Simulation crimp in the program ls-dyna



Tutorial 3

Finite element modeling in the ls-prepost ls-dyna



Tutorial 4

Tutorial cutting in ls-dyna



Tutorial 5

DEM simulation in LS-DYNA